Westport Couple Explores Shipping Container Pools

“WESTPORT—When Westport couple Elliott Kanbar and Barbara Rose came upon an article on construction using shipping containers, they became fascinated with the possibilities it presented. After exploring a shipping container pool house demonstration in the Hamptons, the couple teamed up with builder Matt Menozzi to bring shipping container pool houses to the Fairfield County area—the start of ELBAR Pool Houses.

The construction of the pool houses, made out of steel shipping containers, is a less intrusive process than traditional pool houses which require an architect, contractors coming in and out of the property and the actual construction of the structure. ELBAR, by using the intact steel frame, crafts the pool house off-site in four weeks and then delivers it to the customer.

“The container comes in a truck and it’s slid onto the foundation and it’s ready to go,” Kanbar said. “We have to do work on it, but it’s very quick—there’s no debris, no lumber that you have to buy.”

“The buyer doesn’t have to mess around with contractors and workmen all over the place and because it’s a steel container, it can be shipped anywhere—it could even be shipped overseas,” he added.

They run $79,000 not including hooking the house up to plumbing, electricity and the installation of a foundation on which to place it.

“This is new, it’s exciting, it’s portable, the concept is taking off,” Rose said.

At 160 square feet, the model house ELBAR built is equipped with heating and air conditioning, has a main room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor shower and patio.The steel container comes with energy-efficient fixtures, is extremely durable, and can be used for mixed usage in the future, instead of being torn down, Kanbar said.

For more information visit: http://elbarpoolhouses.com/”