Luxury pool house company opens in Westport

Three Fairfield County entrepreneurs have joined forces to launch a pool house construction company, ELBAR Pool Houses, that offers consumers the opportunity to purchase and site a luxuriously finished and architecturally advanced pool house in only four weeks.

The pool houses are constructed from steel shipping containers, making them a model of sustainability, with energy-efficient construction and fixtures guaranteeing a light environmental footprint, according to spokespersons for the firm.

Each ELBAR Pool House, which costs approximately $79,000, features cedar siding, oversized windows, porcelain tile, a kitchen with handcrafted cabinetry and quartz countertops, LED lighting, double-burner stovetop, refrigerator, designer bathroom, Grohe kitchen and bath fixtures, indoor and outdoor shower, refrigerator with ice maker, and standard heating and air conditioning. The customer needs to arrange for a foundation, electrical and plumbing, and Elbar can assist the buyer in those processes.

“The simplicity of the container freed me to create an understated elegance that’s perfect for contemporary landscape architectural style and the way people live now,” explains Barbara Rose, who has a background in design.  Elliott Kanbar, a senior executive in the real estate and media industries, notes that “ELBAR makes it possible for homeowners to install a stylish, beautiful pool house at an attractive price point without the hassle and cost overruns of on-site construction.” Matt Menozzi, a builder, adds, “This is an amazing opportunity to bring my skills to a whole new dimension of home construction.”

The pool houses are constructed at ELBAR’s own construction site, and can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world. A model home is available for inspection and photography in Westport, upon request and by appointment. For more info, visit elbarpoolhouses.com.